Susan Weinz

Susan Weinz postcard

“Colorful Characters”

The Belfast Framer & Gallery is showing new work by Susan Weinz of Belfast and Philadelphia from October 2 through October 30 2009. The work focuses on language and letterforms and includes a series of artist’s books, typographic broadsides and prints.

Stories of colorful characters: quirky, nonsensical texts based on obscure words found at the end of the dictionary. “I like finding odd words I don’t know but that have an interesting sound or evoke the unexpected.” She writes narratives with an eye on more than just spelling and meaning, they also visually challenge the viewer’s reading experience. Appropriately, visuals are based on collections of old wood type that become “characters” in themselves.

Weinz has a BFA from Boston Museum School/Tufts University and an MFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

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Mark Kuzio

Mark Kuzio postcard

“An Alternate Vision”
September 3-26, 2009

The Belfast Framer and Gallery will host a reception for artist Mark Kuzio on September 4 from 5- 7pm. Kuzio has been involved with artistic concerns for over 30 years. Clay has been and continues to be his primary medium, but various other materials have attracted his attention. Clay, metal, mixed media, serigraphy, photography and most recently video have all provided means and methods of reflection and exploration.

The wall sculptures in this show are Kuzio’s attempt to explore the expressive possibilities of an alternate material, namely foam. Light in weight, the foam is solely used in an additive process. Kuzio creates sculptural structures that are untraditional in their relationship to the wall. These painted structures “play” with both color and 3-D use of space.

His recent photographs explore the visual relationships between individuals who are in some form of existing relationship. He calls the individuals in these photographs “conjoined” rather than “morphed”. The artist says “conjoining implies a comparing and contrasting while morphing implies change and transformation”. These images are powerful because they represent the forces that exist between spouses, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and parents.

Daniel Anselmi


Redefined Shapes

August 5 through 29, 2009
Reception Friday, August 7, 5-7 p.m.

The Belfast Framer & Gallery is showing new work by Belfast resident Daniel Anselmi August 5 through 29. An opening reception will be held Friday, August 7, 5-7 p.m.

Over the past year, Anselmi’s work has explored the use of found materials to create art that often combines imagery and abstraction. This exhibition presents the artist’s new body of work that expands his explorations into pure abstraction.

The concept for Anselmi’s show came about from his discovery of a set of old hand-cut letter stencils. He was drawn immediately to their simplicity. The artist found that by altering the stencils and adding other elements such as found paper each work developed other shapes and lines, removing any obvious image of the alphabet while keeping the focus on their beauty as “redefined shapes.”

Anselmi offers viewers an opportunity to reflect upon each work’s individual qualities and appreciate how a simple discovery of castaway materials leads to ever-expanding artistic creation and contemplation.

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Peg Worth

Peg Worth

Castine and Watery Places
July 3 through July 31

Castine and Watery Places, oil paintings by Peg Worth, will be shown at The Belfast Framer & Gallery from July 3 through July 31, 2009.

Worth, of Belfast, is a self taught artist who started painting in her late fifties. Boating in Penobscot Bay exposed her to the beauty that this area has to offer, “…commonplace to some, new shapes and colors to me”, she says. “Castine being the main trip, I learned to love the late evenings coming back on the boat.”

Abbie Read


The Messengers
June 5 through June 26, 2009
Reception Friday, June 5 from 5-7 pm

The Belfast Framer & Gallery is exhibiting work by Abbie Read of Appleton from June 5 through June 26. The work, block printed scrolls on mulberry paper, is entitled “The Messengers” and features designs based on insects.

Messengers bring messages and so the name of the show. The Messengers” is a reference to the idea that various species (in this case, I single out insect species) are telling us that we humans are having an enormous impact on the environment. This is happening and we need to pay attention to the message”, she says.

Read finds them visually intriguing as well, and was creatively inspired by their wings, their patterns, and their tiny size. She says that insects are crucial to life on earth and she has great respect for them.

Read received a BA in Studio Art and Art History from Oberlin College and a MFA from the School of Art at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She has taught art at the Concord Academy in Massachussetts. In addition to her art degrees, she has a degree in Landscape Design and operates a successful landscape business in the midcoast area.

Tamara (detail)

Tamara (detail)

Mother: A Group Show

Connie by Paul Bochner

Connie by Paul Bochner

30 artists interpret the concept the Mother
May 1- May 29, 2009
Opening reception – Friday May 1 from 5pm- 7pm

The Belfast Framer and Gallery opens its 2009 gallery season with an exhibit titled Mother, in which artists explore the concept of mother. Appropriate for the month of Mother’s Day, the show honors owner Vicki McDaniel’s late mother Mildred Constantine Bettelheim.

McDaniel says “The idea for this exhibit came to me in January when a friend asked what the theme for this year’s group show was going to be. My answer was “all I can think about is my mother” and then the light bulb went off and the question was answered.”

Mildred Constantine Bettelheim was active in the New York City art world beginning in 1930 when she was 18 years old. Her first job was with the College Art Association as an editorial assistant for the association’s journal. It was there that she was exposed to artists and the world of art for the first time. She continued her involvement with art throughout her life and career. She was noted for her curatorial work during 25 years at the Museum of Modern Art in the Department of Design and Architecture. Later she became a teacher, author, and curator, working for the rest of her life. She died in December 2008 at age 95.

This exhibit features over 30 artists from New York, Massachusetts and Maine. The theme of Mother is interpreted many different ways: figuratively, abstractly, and three dimensionally, in whatever manner inspired the individual artists. The viewer will see many diverse creative works exploring a range of mother ideas.

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