Betts Gallery Opens Group Show ‘Roots’

Please join Betts Gallery at an opening reception on May 24th, 5:30-8pm, for a group show entitled ‘Roots’, as artists dig deep and explore the many meanings of the word. Roots can be the origin of something, as in families or language. It can be used to describe where one comes from, or the essential core of something, and commonly describes the parts of a plant that are below ground, such as a tuber or bulb.

The show runs through June 29th, and includes artists Kenny Cole, MJ Viano Crowe, Julie Cyr, Kris Engman, JT Gibson, Kevin Johnson, Sheep Jones, Mark Kelly, Petrea Noyes, Toki Oshima, Joan Proudman, Wes Reddick, Willy Reddick, and Lesia Sochor. The Belfast Fourth Friday Art Walk is always a fun time to stroll around town, visit the galleries, talk to the artists, see some friends and enjoy some fine refreshments. The Belfast Framer & Betts Gallery is located at 96 Main Street in Belfast, and also may be entered from Beaver Street. For more information please call 338-6465