Mark Kuzio

Mark Kuzio postcard

“An Alternate Vision”
September 3-26, 2009

The Belfast Framer and Gallery will host a reception for artist Mark Kuzio on September 4 from 5- 7pm. Kuzio has been involved with artistic concerns for over 30 years. Clay has been and continues to be his primary medium, but various other materials have attracted his attention. Clay, metal, mixed media, serigraphy, photography and most recently video have all provided means and methods of reflection and exploration.

The wall sculptures in this show are Kuzio’s attempt to explore the expressive possibilities of an alternate material, namely foam. Light in weight, the foam is solely used in an additive process. Kuzio creates sculptural structures that are untraditional in their relationship to the wall. These painted structures “play” with both color and 3-D use of space.

His recent photographs explore the visual relationships between individuals who are in some form of existing relationship. He calls the individuals in these photographs “conjoined” rather than “morphed”. The artist says “conjoining implies a comparing and contrasting while morphing implies change and transformation”. These images are powerful because they represent the forces that exist between spouses, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and parents.