Susan Weinz

Susan Weinz postcard

“Colorful Characters”

The Belfast Framer & Gallery is showing new work by Susan Weinz of Belfast and Philadelphia from October 2 through October 30 2009. The work focuses on language and letterforms and includes a series of artist’s books, typographic broadsides and prints.

Stories of colorful characters: quirky, nonsensical texts based on obscure words found at the end of the dictionary. “I like finding odd words I don’t know but that have an interesting sound or evoke the unexpected.” She writes narratives with an eye on more than just spelling and meaning, they also visually challenge the viewer’s reading experience. Appropriately, visuals are based on collections of old wood type that become “characters” in themselves.

Weinz has a BFA from Boston Museum School/Tufts University and an MFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.