2013 Holiday Gala


The 2013 Holiday Gala featuring small works by 30 artists will show at Betts Gallery at The Belfast Framer November 29th through January 15th. An opening reception will be held Friday, December 6th from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

The works selected for this show offer a unique variety for the art-lover and serious collector alike, all in time for the holidays. Included are sculpture, painting, collage, monoprint, encaustic, collagraph, fiber art, wood, graphite, photography, and more,

Participating artists include: Karen Adrienne, Daniel Anselmi, Sandi Cirillo, Kenny Cole, Susan Cooney, Bob Delio, Charles Dufour, Gregory Dunham, Lynette Gaslin, Betsy Headley, Beth Henderson, Betty Heselton, David Hurley, Tony Kulik, Marc Leavitt, Karen MacDonald, Kathleen Mack, Petrea Noyes, Christine Olson, Donna Parkinson, Dina Petrillo, Joan Proudman, Alison Rector, Denise Remy, Dyan Ross, Carol Sloane, Lesia Sochor, John Squadra, Norman Tinker, Gilbert Welch, James Wolfe.

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Creatura: In Limbo


October 2nd through November 2nd, 2013
Opening reception Friday, October 4th, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

A sculptor, printmaker and designer, Dina Petrillo will be exhibiting works from her Creatura: In Limbo series at the Betts Gallery October 2nd through November 2nd, 2013. An opening reception will be held Friday, October 4th from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Petrillo has been exhibiting and teaching in the Mid-Coast since moving to Maine from New York City in 2000. She holds a BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic, an MA in Arts and Art Education from Columbia University, and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.

Creatura: In Limbo is a series of monoprints which vary in color and imagery. Each is a fusion of photographic body imagery with one of six botanical collagraph plates, including Hydrangea, Nasturtium, Wisteria, Quince and Beech. The resulting monoprint has a distinctive complexity, embossed texture and subtle color palette. Petrillo says of her series, “My gaze settles on different features as foregrounds and backgrounds seem to go in and out of focus. It’s a perceptual experience that’s ambivalent- tentative, shifting between revealing and concealing something about the human and botanical forms. I have an urge to fuse them- humans and plants- to mend, heal something in these… like printed prayers. I imagine the ink, images and paper pressing a warp and weft, making a tapestry celebrating and cautioning our conjoined fates.”

Gilbert Welch

Olson Homestead #3

Palladium Photographs
September 4th through September 28th, 2013
Reception September 6th at the Betts Gallery from 5:30-8:00 pm

Gilbert Welch, fine art photographer, will exhibit a collection of his palladium photographs at the Betts Gallery September 4th through September 28th, 2013. The opening reception for the show entitled Landscapes in Palladium, will be held Friday, September 6th at the Betts Gallery from 5:30-8:00 pm. The Gallery is located at The Belfast Framer, 96 Main Street in Belfast.

Born in Texas and raised in New Jersey, Welch’s family roots brought him to Maine each summer of his youth. He moved to Rockport in 1979 to attend the Maine Photographic Workshop (now the Maine Media Workshop). He earned a BA in business administration at Rutgers, and his BA in fine arts, photography at Arizona State University in 1984.

Welch utilizes the palladium process in producing this collection; one of the oldest printing processes, in use since the beginning of photography. By its nature, the process produces a unique contact print in the exact size of the negative with a rich tonal range and distinctive beauty. The palladium process also produces a very stable print, unaffected by light and pollution.


Carol Sloane

Belfast Pilings
Marking The Water
Betts Gallery July 5 – July 28, 2013

Play in the bathtub?
Watch your clothes wash in the Laundromat?
Park for a picnic by a riverbank?
Walk along a stream?
Go fishing?
Watching water run is mesmerizing.
Walking the Belfast Walking Bridge is like that.

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Daniel Anselmi

2 low res

Painting a Collage
August 2 -31, 2013
Opening reception Friday, August 2 5:30-8pm

Born in New York and raised in California, Daniel Anselmi has also lived in Hawaii and Massachusetts; currently and for the past 13 years he has resided in Maine.

Mr. Anselmi’s current work explores the use of found materials to create artwork that juxtaposes imagery and abstraction. With a deep affinity for the relationships between collage and paint, the artist uses paper and other materials to elicit “brushstrokes” on the canvas. The application of oil paint to canvas, when used as a standard transfer of medium to support or in conjunction with painted paper, burlap, cardboard, or other material, initiates a dialogue between surface materials, color, and alluded imagery. His assemblages represent three-dimensional versions of a painting or collage.

Overall, Daniel Anselmi strives to achieve concrete improvisations in his paintings, sculptures, and collages that offer carefully studied compositions of texture, form, line, and color.

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Inside Outside


June 7-29, 2013
Painting, Photography, Prints, Sculpture & Mixed Media

Daniel Anselmi, Kenny Cole, Ann Fernald, Linden Frederick, Jay Gibson, Betsy Headley, Stew Hevderson, Charlton Hudson, Karen MacDonald, Lathleen Mack, Edward McKenzie, Petria Noyes, Dina Petrillo, Allison Rector, Denise Remy, Dyan Ross, John Squadra, Gilbert Welch, James Wolfe, and Peg Worth

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